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In 2000, our company, started producing desiccated-coconut, with capacity more than 1000 tons every month, to fulfill order from Indonesia and some other countries. According to Mr. Adi, Product Manager, the market of Desiccated Coconut still good around the world, because of every people need to stay healthy with their daily foods.

As we know, bad life style and wrong concept such as eat foods which contains many fat and bacteria that can make our body becoming indisposed. Almost every people love to stay healthy but with risk as small as possible. Desiccated coconut by our company is very different with other flour, because this it can used for people who have problem with obesity and also for all people who wants to stay healthy all day life.

Our our company quality control is very strict, because we must process our raw material first until packaging with high international standard. We have special machines such as De-husking, de-shelling and paring tools, washing tank with spray arrangement, hot dip blanching tank, disintegrator provided with screens and aluminum trays, hot air tray drier with blower, sieving machine, storage bins and heat sealing machine .

At Australia , Canada , United States , such desiccated coconut has been used for many people. Of course they have more expensive price than we have. our company is very confident with our desiccated coconut , because the market still very open in Indonesia and another country. In 6 month, our company could reach East Java market for desiccated coconut . So, with the competitive price and good qualities, we believe that we can to be the market leader of Desiccated Coconut.


To be the best in quality, affordable among desiccated coconut industries
Marketing excellence by maintaining a vital commitment to customer satisfaction.



Our packagings are compliance with the essential requirements of the European Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste



Highly durable products with wide  range of design variety


International Standard 


In-house Production process to ensure product availability


Our Company is manufacturer and principal that in all production process using owned resources


International standard with local price



Equipments Among all process to make dessicated coconut, we use few equipments that need in tevery process such as :

De-husking, de-shelling and paring tools


Washing tank with spray arrangement


Hot dip blanching tank


Disintegrator provided with screens and aluminum trays


Hot air tray drier with blower


Sieving machine


Storage bins


Heat sealing machine




1. Workers:

  • All our workers are healthy and none of them are HIV or Hepatitis virus carriers.

  • Any of the workers who feel unwell will not be allowed to work.

  • Clean clothes, aprons, working/rubber boots, disposable gloves, beard/ mustache covers and hair covers are worn all the time before entering the processing facility.

  • All our employees are trained in the knowledge of food borne illness and injury

2. Raw food materials:

  • Our raw coconut meats are obtained fresh from our trusted suppliers.

  • Our raw coconut meats are soaked in clean ice water once they arrived into our facility from our suppliers to make sure it is kept clean and fresh.

  • When the raw coconut meats are about to be processed, they are cooked in the hot water to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

3. Processing plant and equipment:

  • Smoking and food consumptions are strictly not allowed in the facility.

  • Buildings and the equipments are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

  • Proper air ventilations are installed to maintain proper air flow for the purpose of minimizing food safety risks.

4. The facility is regularly inspected by the government health inspectors.

5. The water used in the facility is frequently tested for contaminations.